Sunday, August 23, 2009

First day, first blog

Well today is my very first blog, what can you say im slow on the uptake. But forgive me if the writing is choppy, my husband and his bromance/best friend are busily flying their toy airplanes over my head and challenging each other to shots of crown by saying "BING!" Soon they will be challenging eachother to mini-combatives tournament in the middle of the living room while me and my friend watch and hold our drinks overhead to prevent spilling.
Im in the Army, my husband is in the Army, his best friend is, and my buddy; she's one of the coolest army wives.
Me and the husband just returned from a week long competition at fort hood. that place is as hot as hades. The competition had over 100 people, 1o squads and numerous tasks that had to be completed in four days. Now Fort Hood is fine and dandy if you like heat, desert and long horn cattle. In the middle of the ruck march I found myself in a staring contest with a long horn bull. I have never feared being trampled until that day I found myself thinking "fuck, now what?" But thankfully the bull decided that shade was more important than trampling me.
well thats all for now!!!

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