Sunday, August 30, 2009


Diesel. He's my baby. He is a beautiful kitty that was given to me by my friends friend. He was found, sick, starving and abandoned at the gas station. How they could abaondon this lil angel is unknown to me. Me, the hubby, and our friend went to her friends house to pick up the kitty, and the first thing I saw when the door was opened was a flash of orange streaking across the living room. It took Diesel about 10 seconds to come out and start biting my toes. I was sold. The hubby was trying to remain detached and unmoved by this fluffball. On the way home in the truck I found out that Diesel HATES his cat carrier. He didn't make a lound fuss, just did his lil squeeks until i let him out. Then me and diesel took a nap together in the truck. The hubby was still unmoved UNTIL the next day when it was discovered that Diesel was a MAN. All he wanted to do was eat, drink, and then watch video games. A match made in heaven. The hubby now has a video game partner.
Since then I am now trying to earn back Diesel's affections.

Monday, August 24, 2009

taboo bromance

Today I came to a startling and odd realization: I have a bromance. Now, for all you who dont know what that is, its when two males become bffs. Since stating "Man, your my BFF," is so un manly, its simply stated that they have a 'bromance.' Since I lack the requirements to be a male it suprised that i can also have a bromance, not with one of my female friends, but with a guy. Yes, its true. Men and woman can be friends and not suffer akward sexual tensions. My bromance is with a guy who I will call Michael. I was in the same squad as him and he got me to understand that the army isn't something you can defeat or rebel against; nor do you have to become a docile lil drone monkey to it either, you just have to play the game to suceed. When I first met this man I felt nothing but hatred and contempt towards him. How dare he tell me, Casey Jean, what to do and how to succeed? What did he know that I didn't know in my 18 years of living on the hard streets of suburbia and privelege? Lets just say that he fucked me up a good many times until I saw the light...while rolling in mud and grass wearing my gear at the range. Yes, he caped the shit out of me to the point where i wanted to scream, give up, or kill him. Then he issued me a tiny little challenge in a mocking voice, he said 'Jean, you aren't strong enough for the army are you? Your just going to give up and be weak.' Well thats when I saw the light. Fuck it! I will succeed and stick it to you, you bastard!!' What I didn't understand at that point is that the reason why he did what he did was to make me succeed. So the hatred came grudgy respect, and then when we parted companies a friendship formed. Now we call eachother once every other month or so and talk about... well everything and nothing. After we hang up, I know that next time he calls he will tell me stories of his single life, and I will tell him married life, throw insults at one another and then carry on as if i'm one of his guys. Remember it is taboo for a married female to have a single male as a friend, so we are not friends, but have a bromance.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First day, first blog

Well today is my very first blog, what can you say im slow on the uptake. But forgive me if the writing is choppy, my husband and his bromance/best friend are busily flying their toy airplanes over my head and challenging each other to shots of crown by saying "BING!" Soon they will be challenging eachother to mini-combatives tournament in the middle of the living room while me and my friend watch and hold our drinks overhead to prevent spilling.
Im in the Army, my husband is in the Army, his best friend is, and my buddy; she's one of the coolest army wives.
Me and the husband just returned from a week long competition at fort hood. that place is as hot as hades. The competition had over 100 people, 1o squads and numerous tasks that had to be completed in four days. Now Fort Hood is fine and dandy if you like heat, desert and long horn cattle. In the middle of the ruck march I found myself in a staring contest with a long horn bull. I have never feared being trampled until that day I found myself thinking "fuck, now what?" But thankfully the bull decided that shade was more important than trampling me.
well thats all for now!!!