Sunday, August 30, 2009


Diesel. He's my baby. He is a beautiful kitty that was given to me by my friends friend. He was found, sick, starving and abandoned at the gas station. How they could abaondon this lil angel is unknown to me. Me, the hubby, and our friend went to her friends house to pick up the kitty, and the first thing I saw when the door was opened was a flash of orange streaking across the living room. It took Diesel about 10 seconds to come out and start biting my toes. I was sold. The hubby was trying to remain detached and unmoved by this fluffball. On the way home in the truck I found out that Diesel HATES his cat carrier. He didn't make a lound fuss, just did his lil squeeks until i let him out. Then me and diesel took a nap together in the truck. The hubby was still unmoved UNTIL the next day when it was discovered that Diesel was a MAN. All he wanted to do was eat, drink, and then watch video games. A match made in heaven. The hubby now has a video game partner.
Since then I am now trying to earn back Diesel's affections.

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  1. Pictures! We need pictures! Why Diesel? Because you found him at the gas station?

    I'm so glad you have the kitty you always wanted!!